BasicStereo software


This basic stereo program can The main interest of this program is to draw stereonets that are scaled by default to fit Fsa stereo outputs and can thus be overlaid on them for interpretation. It was originally developed to test the stereographic library built for other programs (such as Fsa).

Output Samples

Downloading and Installing

Applications and documents for various systems

Computer Processor Operating System Downloads Read Me !

Intel i86 MacOS X.7 - X.14 basicstereo_11.5_X7i bundle MacOS X versions

Intel i86 MacOS X.9 - X.14 basicstereo_12.1_X11t9imrw bundle MacOS X versions
PC Intel i86 MS-Windows ≥ XP basicstereo_11.3_ps_wxp PostScript application only MS-Windows versions

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